All things new Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x insurance claim

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September 5, 2017 by Ricey

A slight dilemma in the last 3-4 weeks, having dropped the Vernee into a pond and at the time thunder, lightening and rain belting down. it vanished into the murky waters.

Luckily for once, I had insurance, I’ve never had insurance and killed numerous mobile phones over the years and coughed up sim free for a new handset. Have you tried blocking a phone you’ve lost? it’s harder than you think especially when you swap and change handsets a lot. three couldn’t find the IMEI on the system and managed to block a new phone I’d used for my wife #OhGreat. after 2 weeks I was getting frustrated and went back to the scene and jumped in with my rake and found 30 golf balls and a water logged phone LOL.

I paid the £25 and send the phone away and they came back really quickly, with three options for mobiles all very limited spec over the vernee or a cash settlement £150. I scanned the options and took the cash.

So my mission was to replace the Vernee with a spec the same, hopefully an improved camera and chip being a year old.

I nearly went UMIDIGI again and the new 5.0″ C2, but having owned a very reliable tablet made by Xiaomi I jumped into buying a Redmi Note 4x.

Snapdragon 625 swayed it in that direction over mediatek again, £124.99 from EGlobalCentral UK based Hong Kong seller. I’ve had stuff from them before so expecting no trouble. Chinese version 3g ram – 32 rom in black.

Stay tuned for rooting, roms and reliability updates. hopefully back to a nice day long battery after my 3 years+ nexus 5 has done great as a backup but boy the battery is pants!!!

Thursday 7th August the replacement arrives 🙂 no TYPE c tho ARGH

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