Your buying a Chinese branded unknown smartphone – what to expect!

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August 15, 2017 by Ricey

An honest review from somebody who loves gadgets 🙂 if you’re like me and you really don’t fancy giving the big players £700 then you have a choice. You move into the world of either cheap and nasty and very poor spec phones or you move into the world of Chinese smartphones the major name is ONEPlus. Then you here OnePlus is a possibly a spin off from OPPO as they coexist in the same building £450 will get you no5 which is pretty awesome and £250 saving over your IPHONE or SAMSUNG GALAXY S8.

Nasty phone are branded deals from the networks, there normally very average and good for calls and light work, camera quality is also average at best.

SO your after what they call a flagship beater like OnePlus used to be you’ve entered the world of these brands, Vernee, UmiDigi, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, Elephone, Meizu and the list goes on.

I bought the Vernee apollo lite £155 delivered my phone real test of the water for a cheap Chinese smartphone, I did little research other than youtube and I got exactly what I paid for NOTHING MUCH, support was shocking and very little software development from the brand #Supplier until a group called M.A.D got given the Mediatek X20 source code and took the unusable handset and made it 80% better, got the camera up to spec made the battery last a full day or more, so all was good 🙂 the sales jargon had us thinking are SAMSUNG making so much money from smartphones that the VAL is £550 cheaper if not more. well they are but Vernee for me are BOX SELLERS, sell as much as they can and offer nothing in return. Your buying a time bomb unless the fan base is massive and they grow the brand like OnePlus your buying a dud. expect to be seriously disappointed with the experience.

Honestly, you want your new shiny phone to take awesome pics, a cool finger print reader and it last 2 days and be the faster phone you’ve ever owned. They promise you this but as you will find out very soon they just LIE and the frustration sets in.

UmiDigi was my next move £229 got me a Z pro, again spec’s up there with the leading phones and to be fair a step up from the Vernee in build but not support, the finger print sensor worked WOW great start HEY 🙂 but the camera like many Chinese branded smartphones still was poor then finally UMIDIGI after a month and nearly sending it back supplied a ROM and bingo we have a smartphone that works like it should, but not as fast as the M.A.D roms on x20 chip and this is the updated X27 chip.

SO I ramble on and if you read this be warned you need to expect nothing other than the term what glitters isn’t always GOLD.

Always read the forums FIRST never buy on a recommendation from a youtuber, there normally paid to sell phones with good reviews, do you think they use them for months prior to doing an honest review ? NEVER get sucked into pre sale deals $100 off great for 3-4 months of complete hassle and the ability to use your old handset while they iron out the glitches.

Hopefully this makes sense and it helps just one person make the right choice 🙂

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