Xiaomi Mi9T (K20pro) rom bootloader/rom upgrade

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May 17, 2020 by Ricey

I’ve held it off for too long and phone hasn’t been a good as expected so I’m upgrading to see if it’s the stable ROM over the phone itself. Miui | stable is installed at present.

Let’s start

If you want to install a xiaomi.eu ROM (= a custom MIUI ROM), you need to:

START HERE: https;//unlock.update.miui.com

0) Need a computer to connect your phone in USB
1) Unlock your bootloader (if not already done of course…)
2) Install TWRP Recovery (Official one, if exists – or latest unofficial version)
3) Boot to TWRP and go to “Wipe” menu > “Format Data” button and type yes to confirm
4) Go back to main TWRP menu > “Reboot” menu > “Recovery”
5) After reboot to TWRP, put xiaomi.eu ROM (zip file) in phone’s storage via USB
6) Install (flash) the xiaomi.eu ROM file in TWRP
7) Reboot your phone
8) Done!

LINK to post here this isn’t my work just helping fellow xiaomi users find stuff easily (plain English speak)

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