Another new android phone June 2017

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June 24, 2017 by Ricey

I’m a massive fan of the Chinese smartphone market and long ago I had a cheap £99 ZTE the model I can’t remember but it was plastic and funky also very small and light. I had the Iphone 3 at the time and google got me early. Apple is all about share pricing and profit aren’t they? OK they probably make the best kit on the market for designers eg laptop over WINDOWS. but phones surely you want to be free of there OS?

So I ventured into VERNEE and did plenty of research, it wasn’t a flagship killer it had issues, OH it had issues. Firstly the weight 173grms my Nexus 5 original is 130grms and feather light. the vernee performs well and honestly if I hadn’t dropped it, I would be probably happy as the battery is outstanding. I don’t really play games but I like to take a picture or video. So here’s the major issue with the Vernee the camera is PANTS real pants there is so much on the marker these days with an awesome camera.

the question is WHICH Chinese smartphone to get next?? OnePlus5 but at £443 is still an Chinese made phone and £200+ over priced for my mission.

Scanning Device specs

for the next option out there, I’m thinbking 150grms MAX weight and £250 budget, 6gb ram and dual camera maybe, IP67 waterproof for keeping it safe from sweat and rain when cycling 🙂

Compile a list, jesus did you know there’s a billion mobile makers these days, and NOKIA isn’t the market leader in 2017 OH wait there back at £700 REALLY ??

Zuk, ZTE, OnePlus, Ulefone, Elephone, Lenevo, Le ECo, Smartisan

Oh one last thing I want BOHEK no idea why just looks cool 🙂

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