Vernee Apollo Lite power button FAIL ADB reboot

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March 10, 2017 by Ricey

If like me you smashed your screen and had the misfortune to damage the little plastic eye on the power button 😦 then your in a world of PAIN well your not but it’s going to make life difficult with a battery that drains real fast!! charger on hand all the time, big power bank in your pocket the phone big enough as it is.

TIP: I’ve found plugging your device into a power supply and holding down the vol down key then unplugging my device starts which is a bonus at present

Right so My lastest M.A.D rom went wrong and didn’t install correctly (I didn’t wipe it due to being on android N already) so it failed no bigger hey use ADB / fastboot ???

Er first issue you have just installed a new rom and yet to ENTER the settings menu to get USB debugging activated .

The only way I can help is to rip open the device, if like me you’ve had it apart just yesterday things are now very very easy as your aware how easy it is, the case slides off.

OK your messing with ADB and enter adb reboot-bootloader and the phone goes into fastboot mode GREAT how you get out of it ?? search google, not much info about, guess we all need to know this stuff right

anyway just type fastboot reboot and the device pings into action again, PHEW

forgot to add  I used 15 seconds ADB from XDA


This stuff is easy when you get used to it but not when your going in blind with a none working phone (hope this helps)

I’ve done a youtube video on how to gain access to recovery with battery pull method, eg removing the case and pulling the connectors, then pressing vol up to pick option and then vol down to select it (thank god you don’t need the power button or we would be FKUCKED)

YOUTUBE video removing the case and battery pull

the new rom by M.A.D can be found here

God I love a Friday mess about, after a quick 40 mile ride I feel the need to get busy with my phone how I’ve missed rom installs, fatal errors and problem solving 🙂

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