Sunvell T95U pro flashing / upgrading Nov 2016 


November 30, 2016 by Ricey

Dived in and snapped up the T95U from gearbest, very good device so far with android 6.0 installed, mine arrived with v2 firmware and 5 is out ! 

Freaktab is the best place for sunvell update firmware currently #Trebor normally supplies the link ! 

Fully open unpack the T95U firmware and copy the 3 files on to either a SD card or USB stick, use the update / backup app and press select (it will come up with file) then press update !!! 

Note it takes a while to flash and also boot up first run ! It also stalls on the T95U logo don’t worry its having a think 🙂 boom your good to go v5 the remote seems a lot snappier !! 

3 thoughts on “Sunvell T95U pro flashing / upgrading Nov 2016 

  1. Matteo says:

    Hi, I’ve got a t95u as well that freezes over the “t95u pro logo” and can’t boot on.
    I tried to update the firmware copying the three files on a microsd card but nothing happens. The box continue stalling on the logo.
    Could anyone tell me what’s wrong with it and how I can fix it? Thank you

  2. Ashoka says:

    Try reset button the little AV button press N hold till reset starts. see You tube for further guide. Try flashing Though USB method show in You tube.

  3. xbox155 says:

    Not great support for this unit tbh

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