Vernee apollo lite rom install TWRP

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November 16, 2016 by Ricey

Having rooted the apollo I got a few force closed issues with some apps, so I thought I’d try AICP 11.0 unofficial beta 2

Verevka on the VERNEE site has shared this ROM HERE the download is available at  GAPPS here

Installs via TWRP do the normal wipes (read the info) and let it do its things reboot and let AICP fire up impressive 78 apps only (system etc) NOTE: no gapps installed get your own !!

GAPPS is 647mb wow that’s some serious clutter ! I went for PICO option 111mb

** Remember this phone is ARM64 **

If you’re phone doesn’t show up in windows 10, device manager, unknown device, right click update driver, let me pick from list and then mobile device – MTP usb device (windows then finds it JD)

Good upgrade so far ! camera snap camera not working but boy bluetooth is fast at last

Nov18th beta 4 is out I got around to installing yesterday so real changes tbh, camera mainly the video is poor but we knew that ! 

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