The Nexus 5 replacement ???? Elephone S7 maybe ! or Chinese start up.

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October 27, 2016 by Ricey

It’s time the NEXUS 5 original 5 is 3 years old in December and has been an excellent servant, with a cracked screen for the last 6 months 🙂 and a battery that doesn’t stack up to the latest specs out there !! its time to upgrade to yet another Chinese minnow.

If you read this blog,I bought the strife #TheWife The ElePhone S7000 very middle of the road but its been solid, reliable and bullet proof and they still update it, unlike XIAOMI who stopped supporting my MIPAD pretty much straight away !!

The phone is on pre-order and launches end of November, gearbest have the after sales if you didn’t get an APPOINTMENT FROM ELEPHONE ! I can’t wait 56 days

My no1 phone is the OnePlus3 but with the 3T on its way and the price increase it’s going to make it £380+ SOSOSOSOSO

Hit list – worth a look (max money is £220)

Zuk Z2 pro £310 (too high for an unknown)

Vernee Apollo Lite 4g £170 approx  (battery drain issues on the forum ??

Umi super £182

Ulefone future £189 (gearbest)

Leagoo elite pro

Doogee F7 pro £220

Meizu MX6 £229 (gearbest)

Xiaomi Mi5 £229 (feel let down by them with the MIPAD 1)

Ulefone tiger 16gig for presale price £83 looks stunning !


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