Xiaomi Mipad 1 update to 4.4.4.

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April 30, 2016 by Ricey

I’ve sat and waited for a decent rom from Xiaomi MiPad 1 but its never materialized, so today after it chugging along I’ve given in and with the word on the street that the MiPad is pretty much dead #NoDevToCome, its time to move on so searching about BDITA rom has plenty of post on the forum #GoHere

Full instructions are on the forum starting by installing the dev rom for the Xiaomi MiPad 1 !!!!!

Miui 7 – 6.4.28 beta is installed (April 2016) #GoHereForRom

ReBoot into recovery (vol up and power) make sure you power OFF !

watch the youtube video on installing Bdita before you start #BeSafe

You need CWM recovery to install the rom #GetItHere and install it via UPDATER APP

Follow the video for install its easier than rewriting it 🙂

anyway my Mipad 1 is FAST why did I not try this months ago 🙂


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