OTT TV BOX M8S – moving from android to OpenElec (Oct 2015)


October 20, 2015 by Ricey

Right get the zip file from the FREAKTAB forum HERE

extract the file to your SD card and then reboot your M8S into recovery mode with a match stick (easiest option) might I press it in and then power on soon as the  logo appears !

Going minimal – Genesis (movies & tv) & project cypher (sports in HD) ** remember to install the plexus add on ** see SEO-Michael for add on install info

OpenElec is fast a lot faster than Android KODI APP !! downside no more android apps IF NEEDED

3 thoughts on “OTT TV BOX M8S – moving from android to OpenElec (Oct 2015)

  1. Pedro says:

    I have one OTT TV Box M8S and tried that file, the installation was completed but now the box is bricked.

    Now I have to find out some way to bring it back to life.

    • xbox155 says:

      Try another rom install should sort it or use USB burning tool with a PC loads of guides on the forums

      I’ve bricked mine a few times its only a soft brick good luck

  2. defector says:

    for running Kodi openElec is far superior it dedicates the complete processor power to streaming rather than bloatware running in the background keeping tabs on what your facebook friends are having for dinner, slowing down your machine. OpenELEC IS LINUX based open source operating system specifically written to run kodi and as such has huge community support keeping it current. As new tech it is in a constant state of evolution openelec it is also far easier to update than kodi on android I have had cheap and expensive android boxes , fire sticks and fire tv and now have a raspberry pi 3 running seamlessly with dual boot to raspbian which I rarely boot as a desktop pc. However if you want a 50 inch supermarket tablet that you can play candycrush on whilst monitoring which cat video your facebook friend likes this week you can buy an android based device and check all that between broken streams and buffering movies. For streaming OpenElec for Kodi accept nothing less I am fully convinced

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