OTT TV box M8S amlogic S812 recovery, rom and rooting firmware TWRP install


July 6, 2015 by Ricey

Note: my guide is for AP6330 WiFi chip not bcm4335 chip !!! You need an alternative firmware !

*** USB burning tool guide inside ** thread here (mbox forum has gone replaced with this guide)

You’re here because these boxes have pretty lame support and anything you try through the updater normally ends with “This is the m8s device’s not the N200” which it is the N200 !!!

How to enter recovery this is a bit hit and miss on my box so far, the M8 is well supported and they seem to have that device cracked but beware ROMs don’t work so thinking you’re getting an updated device your wrong you’re going backwards for sure.

Recovery mode use updater if you have access to android if like me your stuck on boot logo after update its a match in the AV hole, some say click it in and power up its just trial and error (be calm it will work at some stage) hold it for 5-10 seconds screen goes out unplug, USB has been better for me over SD card (isn’t found any longer) for installing.

I’ll also add mine goes into recovery when the USB stick is OUT / UNPLUGGED !! 

I’m still stuck with mount issues in SD card and the 4-5 ROMs I’ve installed only one stanes has installed but won’t over write the current rom my recovery won’t factory reset so I’m stuck until my USB a-a cable arrives to try USB disc burning software

No Joy


Forum GONE !! *** Here using usb flashing tool next method (WORKS FINE) ***

I decided to try OPENELEC FOR ANDROID before the USB method and that installed with no issues see screen shot, only downside is that I can’t get back into recovery the normal way πŸ™‚ HA hoping to wipe the device again when the USB A to A arrives (ROM HERE not sure its the latest openelec available GOOGLE CHECK)



Not sure I want just KODI but its a start back to a usable box !

SO Its October 20th 2015 and the box has been running a back dated rom, its been OK but not perfect, the main reason I use android over OpenElec is Torrent stream app (good for sports) but lately ProjectCypher is a lot better along with AceStream on the laptop

So do I revert to OpenElec AGAIN for speed ?? I think I might just move back !!!

** November 2016 ** – I got around to installing “TWRP” after a comment below, I used RASHR (root tool) to flash the recovery.img supplied by Abdul_P at freaktab forum post here  (I’ll update on how rom install goes in a new thread !! SD card or usb didn’t work RASHR worked like a treat WOW something that worked on this shitty machine !

106 thoughts on “OTT TV box M8S amlogic S812 recovery, rom and rooting firmware TWRP install

  1. Peter says:

    Please let me know which rom you get to work with your box, I am in the same predicament and want to know what works for you.

  2. Peter says:

    Sorry, just saw that you put an M9 ROM. Whats the buid date. Thanks

    • xbox155 says:

      M9 is back dated to Feb 2015, but compared to rom it came with its smoother – installed via USB a to a lead with software its all on the forum dead simple and easy to do.

      • Peter says:

        Tried that, it bricked my box :(. But on the upside the Probox EX2 Image works on mine. Now i know my box is a wacky clone. The shitty part is the Probox Ex2 was not made for the 812 I have. So H265 plays stuttery. The firmware is shipped with played the file flawlessly. The hunt continues for a good rom.

      • xbox155 says:

        Justme is making a ROM on freaktab and mediaman said he will make one on mediabox forum – I hate this box WiFi is rubbish but streams OK tbf I just like fast πŸ™‚

      • Adrian says:

        Did anybody manage to get the original rom for this box? Bricked mine and now can’t find a decent one that works. Should have paid the extra and got a name brand. πŸ™‚
        I also managed to use the usb burn software, but after that now my pc doesn’t see the device anymore when I plug it in?

      • xbox155 says:

        I installed a ROM supplied by mediaman o. The mbox forum its older but its solid enough, I agree pay a little more for a proper supported box πŸ™‚ still struggling along with 25mbs on Ethernet with cat 6 cable .5 mtrs from box

      • Adrian says:

        I think I’v managed to kill this box. πŸ˜› I can still get to recovery mode and use .zip files, but the USB will no longer show up on my PC, it worked originally, but since some of the latest updates I’ve tried, plugging it in to the pc (tried 2 different cables and PC’s) it now doesn’t see anything, it just ignores it, so I can’t use the USB burn utility any more? The openELEC .zip firmware works … most of the time, it crashes alot though. Any suggestion on the best .zip android version of a firmware you found, or most stable openELEC version?
        Thanks for any help.
        P.S. I found one version that works, but the cpu keeps getting hotter until it crashes even at idle … soooo close. πŸ˜€

      • xbox155 says:

        Can you not get your seller to supply the ROM ? I got a refund on my box as the seller offered zero support

      • Adrian says:

        I sent an email yesterday … no reply, bug surprise. πŸ˜€
        I’ll try openELEC again and see how it goes and maybe try every other one I can find. πŸ™‚

  3. steve says:

    do you suggest buying this box? it’s very cheap now

  4. John says:

    I have purchased an OTT M8S Media box from a Chinese supplier and have suspicion that although the outside of the box shows M8S the actual CPU is M8. When power up the box the initial screen displays the Amlogic M8 logo and when I check the system setting the model shown is K200.

    Other than opening the box is there any other way of confirming what is inside this box. I am planning to return it and I want the supplier to pay for my return transport costs

    • xbox155 says:

      Do a cpu-z test see what’s inside the box (should be an android application for that)

      Sdram should be 2gb over 1 for m8

  5. TrickyP says:

    managed to recover m8s from megatron rom as no wifi using this link:!6sg3FTSQ!xhvPPlbwsJ8y76LuIv74hSUXoZKvtJN5uDL2K4R_SJU

  6. beljim says:

    Anyone tried this XBMC Edition firmware. (scroll to the bottom)

    • xbox155 says:

      Found the freetab straight openelec version to be fast and extreme at HD streaming where as android it struggled with HQ on 50mbs internet

  7. Jim says:

    I have a M8S 0TT Box with a newer ROM, if you could tell me how to extract a copy I will send it to you. ROM dated Sept 2015

  8. Jim says:

    KOT49H.20150829 Test-Keys I thought it was 0929 but was wrong.

  9. John says:

    hi Jim, is it possible through the update app, i think you can backup your Rom in it, i might be wrong though, if you could find a way i would be grateful as i have tried about 30 rom’s and non of them have worked in one way or another, thanks again

  10. dave says:

    im honestly so lost please just give me the basics.. I have an m8s box, how do I know which firmware I need…

  11. gary price says:

    I continually get this error at 2% ‘usb error occur when check DDR at RomCode’

    Annoying grrr!

  12. Lewebvirtuel says:

    Hi, have bought a M8S+ OTT TV BOX (s812) with stock Lollipop 5.1.1. firmware.
    I Rooted with TWRP (abdul) recovery installed without breaking the actual boot loader.
    I can flash a zip, take an full backup of device or restore it back in a snap.
    It’s flashed the xposed framework V72 SDk22 and works like a charm with LUCKY PARCHER…
    Except OPENELEC i don’t see any other firmware yet to be flashable for this device

    • xbox155 says:

      Sounds like you have it cracked πŸ‘πŸ‘ I’m back on original mbox firmware runs 100% fine tbf but using smpc for Kodi by koyrig #nocrashes

      • Vincent says:

        Where did you get your original firmware (got a m8s M8 v8_1) and work creppy

      • xbox155 says:

        I got the original firmware from a guy at but that forum has disappeared – its called aml upgrade package flashed with USB burner tool ! Simple but works

    • xbox155 says:

      Having download issues so installed TWRP with RASHR (flashing tool) Abdul has done a great job made life a lot easier installing trial roms πŸ™‚ cheers for the share πŸ™‚

  13. […] a previous thread HEREΒ somebody mentioned TWRP install over stock custom recovery so I installed RASHRΒ (top tool and […]

  14. says:

    Good day guys , I have an M8S that’s has no blue light and apparently bad flash .How can I recover it thanks. I really need this box working again
    Preferable in step form

    • xbox155 says:

      All the info is on the blog Cupidla USB burning tool is best option with m8s – I’m yet to test twrp yet ! Currently messing with Sunvell T95U pro

      • says:

        Hey Xbox155 , thanks for the info . However am new to this. I have the USB burning tool. However , the box has no power and hence no light . How can I recover it . If I can give the guide or link to guide and firmware etc that will be great

      • xbox155 says:

        You need a USB a to a lead – there’s a post about it on my blog then the firmware I’ll see if its hosted anywhere as the media forum has gone !! Freaktab forum is excellent you try there ? For info

      • cupidla says:

        Hey Xbox155 , yea i appreciate it . yes i looked but wasn’t successful . so my box isn’t completely dead as it does not have power to the blue light?.. PS. the USB gives a little flicker to my usb flash drive LED. if u can provide me with the firmware etc i will be thankful.

      • xbox155 says:

        Just needs recovering with the lead and USB burning tool

      • xbox155 says:

        Given u access to file on Google drive reply when downloaded lasts for 24hrs b4 its down cheers Russ

      • cupidla says:

        Xbox 155, I check haven’t seen it . Is it via inbox for the forum or to my email? Send to Thanks

      • xbox155 says:

        Email direct link inc just resent

      • cupidla says:

        Thank buy I really not seeing the link . Only posts from you . Maybe I could search for it . Kitkat 4.4

      • cupidla says:

        Ok man I am seeing the links now. I will download it a little later . And I will let you know .thanks

  15. cupidla says:

    Xbox155. Ok. so as it has no sign of power (no lights) I was reading i have to short circuit the NAND oins. do i have to or windows will detect it via the burning tool?

    • xbox155 says:

      You start with windows and USB A – A lead if it finds your device your good load firmware and flash ! If you get success sign plug in and your away again #ReallyEasy just make sure you have ap6330 WiFi chip ?? My firmware is for 2g8g 6330 s812 m8s (nothing else)

      • cupidla says:

        hey i connected the usb a a lead ..connection successful .. i imported your image file. start the process and it only burning to %2 and reinitialize

  16. cupidla says:

    xboz155, thanks i will try that. i really hope works man. did you send a file via google drive? if yes , i haven/t seen the link.. pls let me know how i can get it ..thanks

  17. xbox155 says:

    Cupilda by accident check again πŸ™‚

    • cupidla says:

      Ok man I see the link. I will try to get it . Do I need to press the reset button and plug power for it to detect ? And Thanks for checking the mail πŸ‘πŸ½ πŸ™‚

      • cupidla says:

        And I was wondering how do I know the type of Amlogic model for the box S812 .etc thanks

      • xbox155 says:

        Honestly I can’t remember its been 17 months πŸ™‚ I’ve had clockwork and twrp on since then or used the update / backup app to install

  18. cupidla says:

    I have error [0x10105002]Romcode/Initialize DDR/Read initialize status/USB Control setup error

  19. cupidla says:

    Note . Says M8-Chip when its installing the drivers then “Worldcup device”

  20. stephen brightwood says:

    USB burn tool comes in different versions, some work better than others and its worth trying them all. If your box isn’t recognised try inserting a SD card before plugging in the USB A-A – it can alter the boot sequence enough to get it recognised. Finally if the box remains off and unrecognised you will probably need to reset the flash by shorting the NAND pins.


    • xbox155 says:

      Cupidla like I said its been so long since I flashed recovery with USB burning tool, did you install the drivers for windows etc ? The best guide was on mediabox but that forum has gone !

    • cupidla says:

      good day, the box says connect success , but does not flash pass %2 ..I have error [0x10105002]Romcode/Initialize DDR/Read initialize status/USB Control setup error

      • stephen brightwood says:

        As I just said – different versions of the Burn tool will take you past the 2% mark.

      • cupidla says:

        Hey , yea I got it sorted . It got life once more. Thanks !

      • xbox155 says:

        Interested if you had ap6330 WiFi chip after all πŸ™‚

      • cupidla says:

        Hi I used the .img firmware from the link i sent u Part1.M8S.Minus.WIFI.BT Ap6330, however the box keeps restoring to factory and restoring apps when i pull the power some times ..I tries part 2 of the restore process…. restore with SD but seem its not reading u have firmware what i use in the USB burning tool or solution

  21. cupidla says:

    I have error [0x10105002]Romcode/Initialize DDR/Read initialize status/USB Control setup error
    My box marks ott tv box M8S .. do u think its an ,img firmware issue. the one that you sent is it for this box? and no the part where the drivers says M8-chip does that implies its an M8 box?

  22. cupidla says:

    where do i get other .img firmware files. because all firmware update files onle have a recovery.img that says parse burning image fail. i want to get a formware .img file package for my specific box ..marks model :M8S

    • xbox155 says:

      The freaktab forum Cupidla I’ve asked 2-3 times what WiFi chip does your box have ? This is ap6330 version m8s has a few different types, have you been inside ?

      • cupidla says:

        oh sorry man.. where do i locate this info?”

      • xbox155 says:

        Cpu-z app might give it out, easiest easy open the box read what’s on the WiFi chip it might be bcm 4345 chip then the firmware won’t work full stop

      • cupidla says:

        Hey I tried the site and I sign up , but I can’t seem to post . I put a fan on the box , but it’s still crashing and rebooting . I think Need the right firmware . Can u post the issue for me on the site and get their views. ?

      • xbox155 says:

        Sorry can’t help with that issue ! Good luck try registering again

  23. cupidla says:

    i am seeing KM3213094XJ-A on the chip thats connected to the wifi card and W183-1B-A written on wifi antennae

  24. cupidla says:

    Note ; I also see M8 V9_1 20160120 on the board next to Sknynix chip

  25. cupidla says:

    i am seeing its scanning for boot recovering and says invalid argument ..wiping data etc//
    thas with tooth pick method.. prior to this it show boot logo..but after tooth pick method its blank

    • xbox155 says:

      My advice find out from the forum what WiFi chip you have doesn’t matter what you do as you have no clue which board your flashing !!!! Take a pic put it on freektab forum

      • cupidla says:

        Hey you been great . You’re a great sport thanks soooooo much . I have been successful with the YouTube link I sent you . It boot to amlogic logo and I just left it and it restored to factory !! I am so happy now man . Thanks man ! Really appreciated all the advice and support !! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

      • xbox155 says:

        Awesome news πŸ™‚ glad its working my firmware or justme’s ? That guide was bcm4335 same guide just different fw required #WatchSomeKodiTv

  26. cupidla says:

    Hi I used the .img firmware from the link i sent u Part1.M8S.Minus.WIFI.BT Ap6330, however the box keeps restoring to factory and restoring apps when i pull the power some times ..I tries part 2 of the restore process…. restore with SD but seem its not reading u have firmware what i use in the USB burning tool or solution

    • xbox155 says:

      That’s new is it running at all ? But just clearing everything on power down

      • cupidla says:

        yea it runs find. its just at times when i power off when i plug it back it starts restoring the apps and goes to the welcome page

      • xbox155 says:

        Using a root file manager go to system/pre-installed & delete, then uninstall the apps. If they’re still there then (had this with my new box check to see if its the same)

      • cupidla says:

        Hi good day , I have an matricom MX2, it’s started to boot with the android β€œG” logo and its stuck there . It would not boot past that. I tried flashing via SD, however it won’t go into recovery. Any suggestions ?. Thanks

  27. cupidla says:

    ok. delete what exactly in per-intalled? …uninstall the apps individually and then restore via factory reset? and if there are still there >>??

    • xbox155 says:

      Delete the pre – installed apps if you have them reappearing ! If not best keep searching as I’ve not had this issue with m8s box

  28. cupidla says:

    ok. i want to try flash another firmware via the Usb burning tool. do you have another for my device ..the one u sent giving the usb error i mention/

    BCm4335 seems to work

  29. cupidla says:

    ok i just download one from justroms ,, gonna try it

  30. cupidla says:

    i got another that has optical light on but no bluelight and usb burningtool dont detect mi hearing a hissing ha

  31. cupidla says:

    failed to mount /system (invalid argument) for my m8s bccm via SD tooth pick method

  32. cupidla says:

    The M8S AP6330 the optical light come son when i plug the USB male a-a lead and don’t detects

  33. Dear all and you tube only loading

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