Nexus 5 downloads for ADB and fastboot tools

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April 4, 2015 by Ricey

Simple things are easy to share after yesterdays run around with installing the latest RECOVERY TWRP and it actually not working with nexus 5, I need to go round again and start the rooting process with something else !! no root it feels like your trapped its not like you need to do touch much but its CONTROL ???

few links / instructions on how to get the files you need to do the job

XDA devs link to TWRP info HERE 

  • Wiki fasboot intro – HERE
  • ADB download – HERE (latest April 2015) lollipop 5.0
  • ADB installer – HERE (another option taken from XDA)
  • Universal naked drivers – HERE (as above visit XDA for full info from author)

Taken from the wiki (not my work just sharing the info from above link for ease)

A good write up on how to work through FASTBOOT HERE ** team android **

Installing recovery using fastboot

See All About Recovery Images for more information about custom recoveries and their capabilities.

  1. Make sure your computer has working fastboot and adb.
  2. Download recovery — you can directly download a recovery image using the link below, or visit to check for the latest version of ClockworkMod recovery for your device (if your device can be found there).
    Recovery: recovery-clockwork-
    md5: e876d87c23db908c6f43a5c1409c2836
  3. Connect the Nexus 5 to the computer via USB.
  4. Make sure the fastboot binary is in your PATH or that you place the recovery image in the same directory as fastboot.
  5. Open a terminal on your PC and reboot the device into fastboot mode by typing
    adb reboot bootloader
    or by using the hardware key combination for your device while it is powered off.
  6. Once the device is in fastboot mode, verify your PC sees the device by typing
    fastboot devices
    • If you don’t see your device serial number, and instead see “<waiting for device>”, fastboot is not configured properly on your machine. See fastboot documentation for more info.
    • If you see “no permissions fastboot”, make sure your UDEV rules are setup correctly.
  7. Flash recovery onto your device by entering the following command:
    fastboot flash recovery your_recovery_image.img
    where the latter part is the filename of the recovery image.
  8. Once the flash completes successfully, reboot the device into recovery to verify the installation. Boot to recovery instructions: With the device powered down, hold the Volume Down andVolume Up buttons. Then press and hold the Power button until a boot menu appears. Navigate using the volume keys and select RECOVERY using the Power key.
    • Note: Some ROMs overwrite recovery at boot time so if you do not plan to immediately boot into recovery to install CyanogenMod, please be aware that this may overwrite your custom recovery with the stock one.

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