Holding off installing android L or 5.0 mainly due to Xposed Framework compatibility

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October 23, 2014 by Ricey

Having installed android L on the nexus 4 I’m impressed with it and has made the nexus 4 smooth again and a lot quicker, but sadly my main issue is ROOT & Xposed framework on the nexus 5.

HAVING JOINED THREE NETWORK a few months back I’m right on the edge of the 4G signal area and in home I’ve always had a patchy signal on any network, but there new APP #ThreeInTouch has cured that issue (but you need ROOT and Xposed is yet to work with ART and android L so until things change I’m sticking with 4.4.4 kitty kat

Nexus 5 is a year old in December time flies 🙂

Xposed framework XDA thread can be found here  & its very own forum here

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