Root Cloak a must with a poor three mobile signal (it works)


October 16, 2014 by Ricey

I’ve never really been bothered with XPOSED but three emailed me with an new APP they have out Three InTouch for us users with rubbish indoor signal (I’m just on the edge of the service) so you install the APP and the device is BLOCKED due to you having a life and it being ROOTED

SO you google search and there’s loads of apps that don’t work and the frustration that just for once something might be an easy FIX ?? 🙂

This works for me on my NEXUS 5 – don’t install InTouch till you get the Xposed stuff sorted

Lets begn

Uninstall Three inTouch (after all we tried it 1st), install Xposed, Open Xposed, Press Install Framework (don’t bypass or it won’t work) and then REBOOT.
Open Xposed, go to Modules, Download RootCloak, (you get a pull down reminder to) Enable RootCloak in Xposed and Reboot.

Open RootCloak (I removed all the pre installed options, phones still working so no harm done)  press the + button in the top right, add “Three inTouch”. Press back button until you get to the Homescreen.

Open Three InTouch and activate your service (on 3g/4g NOT WIFI but it tells you that)

they say you can call from the TUBE (I live in Coventry 🙂 anyway well done THREE excellent work just like free overseas calls when abroad (inclusive mins allow then you pay)

please reply if you had success or NOT ? enjoy your day 🙂

2 thoughts on “Root Cloak a must with a poor three mobile signal (it works)

  1. dorfdorfdorf2001 says:

    This was a great guide and got me up and running when the Three intouch app had previously blocked my rooted OnePlus One phone. Thank god it’s rooted so I can get around the block!

    Thanks again for your help.

    • xbox155 says:

      Happy to share – since my upgrade to lollipop xposed is no longer working, but I’ve had success with root cloak from the app store and a continued working three service 🙂

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