Best options I’ve found with EZcast & Measy A2W streaming dongle

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September 3, 2014 by Ricey

I’ve recently had a new tablet MiPad 7.9 mainly to take away using my nexus 5 for using this stuff, so with the purchase of the Measy A2W dongle I jumped in to see what’s about. 

So you start of with the installed EZCast app

and fire it up I had mainly been using the EZmirror till I had a few issues with dropping out and losing my BT infinity WIFI real pain when watching the latest Extant (its growing on me) anyway I’ve been using couch tuner which seems pretty good and reliable. anyway the mipad was running and playing the SHOW but the wifi and tv would shut down or just freeze (and then its was a pain to shut down and fire up) so today I did more research. 

Rather than firing up the mirror option in ezcast I just used the options on the main screen eg WEB or video the connection seems to be a lot more reliable infact watching bad Johnson via a stream from sockshare I had no issue what so ever BONUS !

long may that continue – if you have anything to share on links for streaming be it putlocker, sockshare or nowvideo get involved below 

Linux & Lubuntu is the next step to get that linked (wireshark was mentioned) 

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