Cast your mobile screen – nexus 4,5 and MiPad tablet 7.9 (Measy)

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August 22, 2014 by Ricey

I was curious after seeing adverts for chromecast and seeing as its been about a while, what was on the market – originally I thought forget it and bought the slimport myDP HDMI connector for the NEXUS 5 it worked and was good quality but the connection was IFFY !!! maybe it was the actual unit but I wanted something away from the TV (handheld) rather than my phone stuck out the way. 

SO the next investment which arrived today Measy a2w miracast off eBaY UK £14 posted, first impressions after plenty of googling is how easy it is to set up !!! tested again on NEXUS 5 

plug your measy into a spare HDMI port (it has a short hdmi connector, my LG tv casing got in the way a little) but once snuggly in place the test started, the port allocated popped up I downloaded EZshare from the android market and followed the instructions on tv & phone. 

It really was easy and maybe I’ll add a video one day (must be 1000’s up on youtube) anyway no problems with the nexus 5 and custom rom which is ROOTED also. connected 3-4 times rebooted still no issues MONEY WELL SPENT  

awaiting my MiPad delivery for next TEST !!!!!!!!

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