Nexus 4 lost sound on calls – CURE NEEDED

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April 14, 2014 by Ricey

The nexus 4 has been solid since it arrived but lately its decided to start playing up a little, the SOUND has been playing up we updated the rom slim kat 4.4.2 and as by magic it worked JOB DONE WELL !!!!!!!!!!

NO back to no sound but the in call sound with speakerphone works MYSTERY lol

current radio is M9615a-cefwmazm 2.0.1700.48 alternatives can be found HERE (XDA)

visit the google play store and use the Nexus 4 LTE modem flasher plenty of choice for downloading the radio’s available for the 4 I used the 0.98 + 0.33 LTE hybrid modem and it cured it for how long is another matter but hey ho life goes on 🙂


the flasher works really well and simple to use with one place to find your available modems for your phone EG the Nexus 4

onwards to talking back in calls HAHA

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