Nexus 5 – ROOT with fastboot

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December 28, 2013 by Ricey

chainfires ROOT HERE

** VOLUME DOWN & Power to gain access to fastboot **

WINDOWS 7 – installed drives via usb before I started (windows accepted the nexus 5)

checked in device manager that the adb devices was installed (good)

RUN – CMD – cd downloads (my chainfire files are there, your might be desktop etc etc)

CD cfauto (named shortened easier) then root-windows.bat and the auto boot destructions appear on screen (your phone is off and primed in fastboot, vol down, power) plug into USB and press any key – let it do its thing (BIG RED ANDROID POPS UP IN THE PHONE AND INSTALLS SUPERSU)

Linux MINT 15

folder on desktop – made the file root (allow executing) right click run as terminal

type in

chmod +x and then ls -al then ./ follow on screen type –   destructions (pretty much the same as windows)

life is good life is LG HA

move on yo good things

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