Flashing the Samsung S5830i (NOT the S5830 its not the same)

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June 26, 2013 by Ricey

So my mate needed his Ace rooting, flashing this isn’t the popular S5830 but the I version, lets make sure we don’t try and install a rom from anything else (you can get roms from HERE not many for this model but a few to choose from)

Ok we get started make sure its rooted & CWM is on your SD card – your going to need it, get a rom from XDA and place it on the SD card, I didn’t get great success from install from SC card 1st time round, maybe removing the O2 branded rom needed a ODIN hammer to replace it, the 1st attempt SOFT BRICKED the ACE, and it sticks on the SAMMY logo. OMG what do we do 🙂

so the easy option use ODIN, start up your pc and connect your USB cable and fire up ODIN (files can be had here) you also need the drivers (KIES) and the file PDA do some searching on the XDA forum, run ODIN as ADMIN and load up PDA, get your ace and place it into download mode (phone is switched off, HOLD BOTH vol up & down and press power (press up again when you get the download screen to confirm your actions) connect to USB device will be found and a yellow box with a COM port shows up, your good to go press start and inject the files, let it do its thing and bingo back to standard.

phone boots up no issues, to move to custom rom enter CWM and install after doing wipes as per dev’s instructions.

well done your phone is unbricked and custom rom installed – time and patience for any new model is required – ITS only easy if you respect the INSTRUCTIONS !!! 

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