[ROM] Flashing the STAR MK6577 / N9700 – inc CWM Jelly Bean 4.1.1


February 4, 2013 by Ricey

Ok had a play with the flash tool that you can find on XDA and i kept getting this error (Photos at the end of post)  mainly because it needed to full firmware flashing rather than just the recovery or boot etc (it only takes 2-3 mins anyhow for full flash)

Get this 1st – 20130109_e1909c_v77_gq1008_a41_6628 – Firmware is up here

Get this 2nd – installed CWM (This works with 4.1.1) and got it to install no issues HERE is the recovery file required HERE nice work S_BD (XDA member)

unzip in to individual folders replace CWM recovery file with original recovery file and FLASH via flashtool on your PC

Another guide to flashing CWM-SuperSU-v0.93_tirannozaurus.zip HERE (didn’t install for me gives me FAT partition error) i needed to format my SD card to cure this DONE install via CWM recovery (vol up, home + Power) read screen find rom install reboot superuser installed  

USE This GUIDE its complete don’t cut any corners HERE

NEW thread with some other firmware HERE and recovery info 

ROM TRIAL: I installed Taiwan101 STAR-i9220 Custom ROM V.03 (resulted in boot loop on android logo) 

using the smart phone flash tool – open go to file and select open scatter – loading file (that’s your firmware) should load everything into the boxes ticked below (swop your recovery file with S_DB link above save your original in another folder for safety)

next click download and the important part the phone is disconnected and battery out, CONNECT phone and then 2 secs later insert battery VIOLA

the device is found and the bottom bar goes red, turns to purple and then finally starts in yellow and loads the firmware (job done you have your firmware on there ready to run)

if you need to alter recovery or boot select the modified firmware you have go from XDA and copy replace it and run again all done enjoy (took a while but we got there)

Proximity sensor calibration – HERE supplied info by S_BD from XDA

Als_ps Calibration: press calibrate and cover screen and sensors near ear phone speaker with hand

Engineering menu *#*#3646633#*#* or download unclemobiletools app (Not used it myself as yet 6 feb) 

flash a few roms and played with many settings the phone is a good piece of kit worth the money not the easiest to flash compared to Samsung Ace or S3 etc but a worthwhile experience when you get it right.

If you get this error by just flashing RECOVERY its because the phone needs the full firmware to complete the flash if you flash just the recovery WHICH you can’t it wouldn’t work as its doing a full wipe and reload with no OPERATING SYSTEM !!


5 thoughts on “[ROM] Flashing the STAR MK6577 / N9700 – inc CWM Jelly Bean 4.1.1

  1. s_bd says:

    Excellent article.
    CWM Recovery yet can be installed via Mobileuncle Tools.

    • xbox155 says:

      Mobile uncle tools seems to have the stuff we need but i’ve not yet used it for installing CWM (clockworkmod)

      and S_BD cheers for your help on the software links

  2. Arkadia says:

    i have this error:


    Please help me!

    my cellphone is an gt-H7100 5.5″ 512 Ram – Android 4.1.1

    I need root my phone to fix GPS problem.

    • xbox155 says:

      Hi sadly I’ve only had the experience for a week with the Mk series, i rooted it for a friend i no longer have the phone to work through any errors or problems you have

      use the XDA forum I’m sure they can help good luck

  3. Ricardo :D says:

    Thank you, GOD bless you always 😀

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