Star N9770 (Samsung Note copy) with issue’s – need to cure it for a friend lets see how we go


February 2, 2013 by Ricey

Right i’ve been given this little beauty to sort out, installed info below, it has an issue with black screen when running a T-Mobile sim, everything was good with O2

Hardware: MT6577 Arm V7 Running 4.1.1 –

Model ref: e1909c V77 GQ1008 A41 6628

Kernal: 3.4.0 root@ zhangjianan-desktop Build: e1909c v77 gq108 a41 6628 20130105

Baseband: maui,11amd.w12.22.sp.v15 16th October 2012 13.28 so we need to find a cure, enter recovery mode for model: N9770 (i9220 pad) Home Vol up power takes you to the  android system recovery (3e)

Hopefully i can make searching easier for you guys – Forum post HERE i9220 pad info on star N9770 dual core HERE Installing CWM recovery info HERE or try mobileuncletools app from the play store

flashing tut HERE – S_BD DRIVER info from XDA HERE full software on this link ** VCOM DRIVERS **  HERE (i only used the vcom from this link)

pre loaded option works with flash tool, device isn’t show battery pull in device manager it show and vanishes after a few seconds, open flash tool and install software etc click download and plug cable in and then battery it flashes the device !! just for info it does work but you need a keen eye to spot the device showing up 🙂 dodgy

2 thoughts on “Star N9770 (Samsung Note copy) with issue’s – need to cure it for a friend lets see how we go

  1. james thomson says:

    one of the best mobs I have hadA1*****************************

  2. Tony says:

    love it love it love it we got 2 … his and hers lol … lets see how long it lasts 🙂 smiley face

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