[ROM] ACE [DEV] Android 4.2.1 CM10.1 beta 6 21.01.2013

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January 26, 2013 by Ricey

Good rom WAYLANDS Here general chat can be found here (closed) new here 

Seems a decent rom ok the battery on these phones is never gonna be awesome but it works, toggle menu you can find it here, System – quick settings panel – tiles and layout

EVEN better options

General thread. A two finger pull down will do it.
Even faster is quick pulldown. A quick settings option under setting>system that allows you to swipe down from one side of the notification bar to quickly open the toggles.

I personally think battery life on the 16 month old phone is getting worse anyhow and with a powerfull jelly bean based rom built for the S3 and others it does ok to run it let alone work for a good period of the day, there’s always a charger at hand for office or car

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