Ainol novo 7 elf – [rom] AOKP for Allwinner A10 with compatibilities

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January 19, 2013 by Ricey

currently running CM10 (10-20120822-uno 907) seems spot on except for the HDMI sound output issue not solved yet, which has stopped me watching my movies on the ELF currently

interesting 1st time I’ve seen the update me pop up  option and CM is updated installs lovely (no gapps need the zip file in CWM after you install it) EVEN better HDMI output is solved what a great day – rom below not getting installed no need


seems that Alan Marchesan is Christina Troy (fair play)

this is AOKP project HERE by ChristianTroy over at Dragon Devs

future install on the cards

enter recovery mode with: use ROM manager V5.5.1.5, update me has recovery boot option, Novo tools

CWM (running V5.5.0.4) wipe date/factory reset etc

dalvik, cache etc etc

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