UI-One [MIUI- GB] EXPRESSION – GALAXY ACE updated 15/12/12

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December 13, 2012 by Ricey

Another MIUI to try HERE had a few glitches with last MIUI i tried works ok but sound / email hassle

onwards to this rom, well its been a few days and i like the rom, ok the sound is a pain but the interface is nice and the toggles are what i like, battery life is good used endomondo for 4hrs today and it used 59% from full pretty good with gps running on 2G (3g disabled to save juice)

1.2 update is out be careful people have issue with it so far (aborted when installing, rebooted recovery installed A OK)

pimp my MIUI install fresh themes here is a link – ringlock is my favourite lockscreen add on

BE-AWARE – its best to install MIHOME from the play store, I’ve had to re install the rom as I’ve locked myself at the lockscreen due to the lockscreen install being to big to gain access to the unlock section, MIHOME resizes them so its all good

install from ROM – settings -> theme -> online themes and type in the search box miui v4…than you download

do this before install 

wipe data/factory reset

if you get the error installing 152 try rebooting the cwm recovery (worked for me twice)

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