Videos on android – how and what you need

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November 26, 2012 by Ricey

Ok the wife is in hospital and i needed to get some BBC stuff for her to watch, you can download in chrome but not opera the formats for WMV searching the web you can’t use VLC on windows 8 laptop version it just scrambles there’s an update VLC direct pro (Streaming) check that out HERE or use this it works from my ACE !!! interesting site get_iplayer website HERE seems to have the answer to DRM / WMV playing on android id rather use the official iplayer this is for your jelly beaned S3 go HERE more options for iplayer HERE

youtube instructions HERE (ref: get_iplayer hunted) then it should show my show is ref 450, then type get_iplayer –get 450 (450 is the program ref available for that date easy)

finally the wife can watch some BBC tv that we already pay for on the android tablet and not get bored with the 4 weeks stay in hosp

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