What to do next – back to CM7.2 stay with CM9 or jump in with CM10

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July 29, 2012 by Ricey

I feel like i’m the poor relation with the wife and her zippy flying machine ala the samsung S3 the ace is a good solid low end phone ok im paying £11.25 per month it does the job as it should

but what next CM9 has its bugs CM10 is brand new porting to the ace so that’s maybe a no go or is it ?? maybe we have a go see if its worth sticking with

or do we try CM7.2 again after all the phone was originally set for gingerbread which CM7.2 derived from !!!

Sunday slipping back to CM7.2 just to see this rom HERE  Zero Gravity – SuperNova “Lite” edition – RC1 (aborted no good) so trying this


Follow his instructions to avoid any issues hopefully 🙂 

Flashing Instructions…

1. Boot into CWM5 (needed to flash our rom)…
2. Do the usual wipe system etc…
3. Format system/Data/Cache/SD Ext…
4. Flash rom
5. Reboot phone… Job done…

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