Installed Nightly on the Galaxy ace thanks to Maclaw from XDA

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May 25, 2012 by Ricey

so far so good on the Nightly CM9 rom supplied from XDA & Maclaw – direct site here

info on cm10.1 ext HERE another wordpress blog HERE

only downsides with the ACE is the poor internal memory so having scanned around and used APP2SD somebody mentioned Link2SD on the XDA site so i thought id give it a shot unlike APP2SD you can removed system stuff that normally you can’t access easily (it can be done but who needs the hassle)

only thing Link2SD needs is a partition on the SD card for the app – use minitool, paragon, easeus (as per description on google play)

im going to use CMW via recovery to do mine this way

BACKUP your SD card or you will lose the info on it WARNING

Enter clockworkmod

Use volume down button to go down to ‘advanced’.
Then press call button.
Select ‘Partition SD Card’.
Select the ext size that you want (128M, 256M, 512M, 1024M, 2048M or 4096M) then select 0mb after

taken from HERE

Step 1: Backup all the data on your sd card you want to save.
Step 2: Reboot into recovery/Boot into recovery
Step 3: In CWM/ClockWorkMod recovery go to the advanced option and select “Partition SD Card”
Step 4: Select your partition size. (I recommend 1024mb though 512mb can work depending on what you’re trying to do)
Step 5: Select a 0mb swap partition size. DO NOT USE SWAP
Step 6: Go to Mounts and Storage in CWM and select “mount USB storage”
Step 7: Restore your sd card data.
Step 8: Wipe cache/wipe dalvik cache and wipe data/factory reset.
Step 9: Flash your rom…

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