Ainol novo 7 elf arrives 14th March 2012

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March 14, 2012 by Ricey

Purchased from gadgetfreakz  here – running ICS 4.0

time to start messing with the latest android purchase i just love them

STARTING INFO ~ Model: Gt-P6210 running: Android: 4.0.3 Kernal: 3.0.8 Build number: novo 7 essential v0.6 20120303 (D80)

*** updated firmware is available from the gadgetfreakz site also *** 

well the mystery update: is actually a downgrade still android 4.0.3 kernal 3.0.8 but build is down to v0.5 201 20227 (oh well it did say its clean)

** Ainol Novo 7 Elf – Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.03 v0.9 (android-kun essential clean rom v0.5.1) **

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